Debunking Hoax: Proof Teens Never Harassed Native American!


PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard


January 20, 2019

The left-wing media has ran with a “Fake News” story about ‘MAGA hat wearing’ Kentucky Catholic High-School students harassing a Native American for playing his drum, and chanting. Many have already seen the video of a  elderly Native American being surrounded by these young students with claims they were throwing racist terms towards him.  The students have faced intense backlash across the nation being labeled as racists, and many may face serious punishment when it comes to getting into College/Universities due to the scandal.

However, like always if you give stories enough time contradicting evidence will appear. More videos have appeared to show the Students never once said anything racist nor ‘build the wall’ (which is not a racist term). Videos also show the Native American Nathan Phillips and his left wing activist group instigated the entire event that transpired by marching inside the group aggressively beating his drum at them. The video shows only the leftist Indians were throwing out racist language within the confrontations.

As you will see through the video evidence I provide the students were standing in line waiting for their bus to take them back home from the Pro-Life march when radical left wing activist groups began harassing them for the entire duration. In the begining of their wait for a bus you will see the radical Black Israelite group harassing these young men with racial epithets and falling the ‘FAGS’ and ‘Homosexuals’, while the students did not escalate the situation with them and showed restraint. I will prove Indian activist Nathan Phillips took his second left wing activist group to engage the students who were being bullied and attempted to bully them with aggression.


Here is a video that the left has been circulating social media in an attempt to spin a narrative.

Here is CNN’s report portraying the two radical left wing groups as hero’s, while portraying the victim students as villains.


Here is video evidence to prove the Indian activist and his leftist fruit loop followers aggressively got in the middle of the students while they were chanting their school song. In this video you see one Native American as the only one throwing racist terms out by telling the white students to go back to Europe where they came from.


Here is an inside look into the circle to prove the High school kids never chanted anything racist or “Build the Wall” (Which build the wall would not be racist nor offensive to chant if they did).



A different video of evidence video to prove the Indian activist group instigated the event, and a radical black Israelite group were throwing racial epithets at the white and black high school students.



Another angle to prove the Left wing activist group approached the high school students waiting for their bus.

Here is a video of the Black Israelite threatening and harassing the innocent high school kids.




Here is a 2 hour long video to prove the kids were waiting for a bus the whole time and only chanting their high school song, while being harassed by left wing hate groups.

Two of the students involved sent a message with famous YouTuber Joey Salads over the event.



The Indian left wing activist Nathan Phillips has a history of stirring up lies and confrontation with white students here is a report from 2015, which since has been found not credible. Phillips claimed University white students were being racist towards him and threw a beer can at him. After investigation no evidence was found to support his claims.



The left-wing media will stop at nothing to label anyone racist and evil with false stories if they support Trump. The media was reckless with this story and may have ruined these poor children’s lives. Please share this article so we can clear their names as quickly as possible, and to put blame on the true bullies who were Nathan Phillips and the Black Israelite group.