Ilhan Omar Supports Maduro And Claims Trump is Creating A Coup!

Article by Bryan Howard

January 25, 2019

The Far left Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar sent out a tweet standing up for Venezuelan Socialist Dictator Nicolas Maduro. Omar strongly opposes President Trump in attempting to help save the citizens starving to death from an awful Socialist regime.

Omar went to an extreme calling what President Trump is doing is a ‘coup.’

Omar tweeted, “A US backed coup in Venezuela is not a solution to the dire issues they face. Trump’s efforts to install a far right opposition will only incite violence and further destabilize the region. We must support Mexico, Uruguay & the Vatican’s efforts to facilitate a peaceful dialogue.”

Omar establishes in her tweet she is either uneducated or extremely radical when she referred to Trump supporting a far right opposition to replace Maduro. Juan Guaido is the individual that Trump is recognizing as the legitimate intel President of Venezuela, and he is anything but right wing.

Guaido is part of the ‘Popular Will’ party, which is a Democratic Socialist party. To consider Guaido as far-right Omar must be Left of Lenin.