Florida Ethics Committee Finds ‘Probable Cause’ Andrew Gillum Broke Ethics Laws!

PHOTO: Colin Hackley/REUTERS

Article by Bryan Howard

January 28, 2019

The failed Socialist Governor candidate for Florida and Mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum, has been under severe scrutiny for accepting gifts in a pay for play scheme while as Mayor. Florida Ethics Commission finds ‘probable cause’ violated ethics law when he was investigated.

Tampa Bay Times stated the report,

“An ethics complaint against former Tallahassee mayor and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum is moving forward after state officials found probable cause on five of six counts that Gillum violated ethics laws by allegedly accepting gifts during trips with lobbyists in 2016.”

The Miami Harold reported,

“Gillum and his wife had traveled to Costa Rica in May 2016 with friends including Corey — who became a nexus in the FBI probe — and lawyer and lobbyist Sean Pittman, one of Gillum’s closest political advisers. The Gillums stayed in a villa for multiple nights, and during the trip Corey invited Gillum to meet with “Mike Miller,” one of the undercover agents in town under the guise of an Atlanta developer. Gillum also traveled that year to New York City as an employee of the People for the American Way Foundation, where he went on multiple excursions with his brother Marcus, Corey, Miller, and another undercover FBI agent tied to the case.”

Andrew Gillum was given many of these gifts from an undercover FBI agent who was going under the name as Mike Miller. The agent was attempting to prove Andrew Gillum was accepting gifts illegally in a way to use his political powers for favors.

Andrew Gillum was weighing his options about a potential Presidential run in 2020, but with these knew allegations coming to light that may be put on a back burner. Gillum is a slimy corrupt politician that would fit in well with the Democratic 2020 field.