CNN Attempts To Label Racist Democrat VA Governor As Republican!


Article by Bryan Howard

February 2, 2019

CNN falsely labeled Virginia Governor Ralph Northam as a Republican in their label feed on Anderson cooper’s show. As we all know Ralph Northam is a lifelong Democrat and he was caught red handed in a racist photo where he was either in Blackface or a KKK outfit. CNN trying to live up to their Fake News label attempted to smear Republicans with the evil doings of the Democrat party.

Watch below,

Below is a screenshot of CNN showing they placed an R (Republican) instead of a D (Democrat) as his party affiliation.

CNN identifies Northam as a Republican (CNN screengrab, Caleb Hull Twitter)

PHOTO: CNN Screenshot

Democrats have always attempted to label all of their crimes on the Republican party when we have never had a history of evil in our party. CNN has recieved backlash for their false label and issued a correction to their lie.

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  1. Cooper is an enemy of America, as are segments of the CIA and FBI (Deep State Members) with their ‘fifth-column’ MSM.
    Awakening America and Trump-based Constitutional Conservatives are the remedy. Join and make noise.

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