Dan Crenshaw Reports At The Texas Border To Prove Walls Work

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

February 1, 2019

Republican Texas 2nd District (my home district) Congressman Dan Crenshaw appeared on Sean Hannity’s show to talk about the border wall. Crenshaw was at the border in Texas while on the show to establish walls work. Crenshaw noted the stark differences in two border towns one with a strong border wall and security and one without. The segment shows exactly why walls work.

“Here’s the big takeaway here,” said Crenshaw. “So, the Rio Grande valley is actually responsible for about 40 percent of total illegal immigration in the entire country. So, it’s a huge spot for this.”

Crenshaw explained the differences between Brownsville and McAllen Texas to show how walls work.

“The Brownsville area has about 35 miles of pretty secure fencing. It’s border security the way that we would like to see it. It’s a good mix of technology and secure fencing. In the McAllen area you have exactly the opposite. You have wide open areas. Now, so what do we see? We see about six percent of illegal apprehensions occur in Brownsville, and 94 percent occur in McAllen. So, do walls work? The answer is very clearly yes. That’s exactly what we’re seeing. And as we’re driving over here. You can see Mexico right behind me. As we’re driving over here we’re seeing groups of migrants being caught as they’re crossing the border. And a lot of these have kids with them, which means they will simply be let go into the U.S. population.”