WATCH: Frank Stephens ‘I want to make abortion “unthinkable”’

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Article by Bryan Howard

February 1, 2019

Frank Stephens who’s video went viral from Ashton Kutcher speaking for Down Syndrome rights to no be killed appeared on Fox and Friends Friday morning. Frank Stephens has Down Syndrome himself, but he does not let that hold him back and has made it his life mission to protect the lives of all living.

During his interview with Fox and Friends Stephens said he isn’t pushing for Abortion to be illegal, but to make it unthinkable to the human mind. Frank Stephens shows wisdom beyond most living humans understanding that ideas do not change in Government, but through culture.

I have been talking a lot about God working through people for his missions, and Frank Stephens is a perfect example of a man that God has chosen for a mission to protect the sanctity of human life.


One thought on “WATCH: Frank Stephens ‘I want to make abortion “unthinkable”’

  1. A nephew of mine passed about five years ago at the age of 39. Although he could only make one syllable grunts, he understood everything said. He was his parents’ joy. What child isn’t some type of burden? Thanks for the video and article. As soon as we get rid of the Socialists/Communists, we’ll again have some sense of sanity/rationality.

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