Nick Sandmann Lawyer Sends letter to 54 people for potential defamation lawsuit.


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Article by Bryan Howard


February 4, 2019

Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann was falsely portrayed in the media as a racist and harassing an elderly Indian man. However, after the full video was released it showed the kid was targeted and harassed. This has led the Sandmann family to obtain superstar lawyer L. Lin Wood in order to target libel lawsuits against celebrities and media who defamed these kids.

Lin Wood sent a letter notifying all celebrities, politicians, Journalists, and Media organizations that they need to save any information they had before they reported libel information against these kids. The letter was sent to 54 different people.

The letter Lin Wood sent states, “Our law firm represents the family of Nick Sandmann regarding the unfortunate incident in Washington D.C. on January 18, 2019, and the XXXXX’sresponse to same (the “Sandmann Matter”). I write on behalf of our clients to notify you of your obligation to preserve information that may be relevant to potential litigation between our clients and the XXXXX. Please forward this letter to your legal counsel immediately.”


The entire list of 54 people and organizations that received the letter,

  1. The Washington Post
  2. The New York Times
  3. Cable News Network, Inc. (CNN)
  4. The Guardian
  5. National Public Radio
  6. TMZ
  7. Atlantic Media Inc.
  8. Capitol Hill Publishing Corp.
  9. Diocese of Covington
  10. Diocese of Lexington
  11. Archdiocese of Louisville
  12. Diocese of Baltimore
  13. Ana Cabrera (CNN)
  14. Sara Sidner (CNN)
  15. Erin Burnett (CNN)
  16. S.E. Cupp (CNN)
  17. Elliot C. McLaughlin (CNN)
  18. Amanda Watts (CNN)
  19. Emanuella Grinberg (CNN)
  20. Michelle Boorstein (Washington Post)
  21. Cleve R. Wootson Jr. (Washington Post)
  22. Antonio Olivo (Washington Post)
  23. Joe Heim (Washington Post)
  24. Michael E. Miller (Washington Post)
  25. Eli Rosenberg (Washington Post)
  26. Isaac Stanley-Becker (Washington Post)
  27. Kristine Phillips (Washington Post)
  28. Sarah Mervosh (New York Times)
  29. Emily S. Rueb (New York Times)
  30. Maggie Haberman (New York Times)
  31. David Brooks (New York Times)
  32. Shannon Doyne
  33. Kurt Eichenwald
  34. Andrea Mitchell (NBC/MSNBC)
  35. Savannah Guthrie (NBC)
  36. Joy Reid (MSNBC)
  37. Chuck Todd (NBC)
  38. Noah Berlatsky
  39. Elisha Fieldstadt (NBC)
  40. Eun Kyung Kim
  41. HBO
  42. Bill Maher
  43. Warner Media
  44. Conde Nast
  45. GQ
  47. The Hill
  48. The Atlantic
  50. Ilhan Omar
  51. Elizabeth Warren
  52. Kathy Griffin
  53. Alyssa Milano
  54. Jim Carrey

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  1. I heard that the New York Times had received the letter; however, to see this more complete list is quite encouraging. Thanks for looking this up.

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