Howard Schultz Polling Shows Why Democrats Are Scared He Runs As Independent!


Article by Bryan Howard

February 4, 2019

New Polls show why Democrats are freaking out about former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz running for President as an independent in 2020. Howard Schultz is polling in double figures in a field with Trump and a Democrat candidate.

Results for the Howard Schultz polling campaign discovered he is polling at 17% and President Trump is winning over the Democrat candidate with a field of three. The poll shows many people are heavily favoring the idea of Howard Schultz running as a third option to the radically far left and President Trump. It seems that Schultz will garner majority of centrist Democrats and some centrist Republicans.

NBC reported, “New internal polling from former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz shows him pulling about 17 percent of the vote in hypothetical presidential matchups between President Trump and either Democrat Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren. ”

NBC continued, “Schulz wins about 17 percent in each of the two ballot tests, new internal polling provided first to “Meet the Press” shows. In both, Trump leads the Democrat by a margin of 33 percent to 32 percent.”

NBC stats, “Even though Schultz trails both candidates, him sitting above 15 percent is important because that’s historically been the threshold candidates need to hit to be included in general election debates. The result comes after Schultz has taken a beating from Democrats concerned he may divert votes from their nominee.”

NBC notes,”But the Schultz release doesn’t state what questions, if any, were asked before the ballot test that could have influenced the result. And it doesn’t include a breakdown of from where Schultz pulls his voters, a key question for Democrats concerned about his impact on the race.”