Nick Freitas Does It Again With Epic Rant Against Democrats. This Time Over Abortion!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

February 2, 2019

Republican Rep. Nick Freitas from Virginia gave an epic speech against Democrats on the House floor of Virginia over the topic of killing babies up to birth. Freitas was fired up over the Democrats claiming Republicans created fake outrage over the abortion through birth bill, but Freitas did not let that slide.

Nick Freitas noted that the bill called for the murdering of children for no reason up until birth and asked Democrats how you can’t see that outrages people. Freitas pointed out how the Democrat Governor called for killing the child after it was born, and it is clear that would outrage the mass majority of people.


Nick Freitas is famous for his epic rant against the democrats over gun legislation and here is a clip of that speech.