Ocasio-Cortez Viral Video Debunked!

Article by Bryan Howard

February 9, 2019

Over the last 24 hours the internet has exploded with a viral video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez exposing dark money in politics. However, the media can make anyone look good when you edit the video and remove the response that debunks her.

Ocasio-Cortez was apart of a House Oversight and Reform Committee, where she questioned members on the dark money in politics. Below is the clip that the left circulated on the internet.

IFS Chairman Brad Smith was given a chance to respond to the nonsensical rant by Ocasio-Cortez, which debunks every claim she made in quite humorous fashion.



Smith response, “There are a couple things for example that would not be, she asked if there is anything that could apply here? There are things that do not apply here. For example, the whole point of the article she held up that I wrote was that you cannot use your campaign funds to make those payments that would be illegal personal use. Campaign funds are not dark money. They are totally disclosed so they are not dark money. It’s worth noting be the way that dark money constituted by $1.7 billion, I believe that figure is incorrect by factor of about 500%. Dark money constitutes 2% to 4% of total spending in U.S. elections and has always been involved in U.S. elections. Those are just a couple of points. I did kind of chuckle at the question is it possible, asked of us, that these influences are, this money is influencing the questioning here. To that, I’d say that is something you have to ask yourselves, if you are being influenced, then see what you think. If you are then you might question yourselves, if you’re not you might question this hearing.”