Nikki Haley And Republicans Fire Off On Ilhan Omar Anti-Semitic Statements!

PHOTO: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Article by Bryan Howard

February 11, 2019

Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar released a series of anti-Semitic tweets that supported a Hitler conspiracy. Omar claimed the Jewish Israeli’s were paying of our politicians in order to control our country. However, this is now being faced with backlash from the great Nikki Haley who fought the anti-Semites in the U.N.

Nikki Haley blasted Ilhan Omar on Twitter stating, “To see this at the UN was a fight every day. This CANNOT be tolerated in our own Congress by anyone of either party. In a time of increased anti semitism, we all must be held to account. No excuses.”

Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy who has had a fierce rivalry with the anti-Semite Omar.

Jewish Republican Lee Zeldin who received a horrific voicemail telling him he wished Hitler did his job fired off on Ilhan Omar as well.

Lee Zeldin stated, “So sick & twisted. This continued anti-Semitic trope from Omar is grossly wrong. There should be NO home in US politics, college campuses, or halls of Congress for ANY of this garbage. Now she tweets that if Members of Congress support Israel then they were bought off by Jews.”