Democrat Al Green Blames Trump For Northam Blackface photo!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

February 9, 2019

The Democrat Texas Congressman Al Green released a statement about Democrat Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s blackface photo. Apparently Green believes President Trump is to blame for Northam’s racist photo for some reason.

Al Green tweeted, “When we allow bigotry to infect the body politic with impunity at the highest level, other levels will expect impunity for their bigotry. Gov. Northam’s refusal to resign for his bigotry is a symptom. Failure to act on Pres. Trump’s bigotry is the problem.”

Al Green must believe because President Trump opposes Communism he must be a racist that cause Democrat Ralph Northam to dress in blackface in 1985. If you are having troubles following the logic don’t worry Al Green is an insane person and you aren’t expected to follow insane people’s thoughts.

The Democrat Texas Congressman Al Green has made a career from monetizing off his own racism to the likes of Sharpton and Jackson. Green only cares about profiting for himself even if it means causing harm to the black community that he swears to protect. Al Green has profited $20 million during his career as a race hustler and needs to be voted out of office.