Mike Pence Calls For Consequences Against Ilhan Omar!


Article by Bryan Howard

February 13, 2019

Vice President Mike Pence voiced his concern over Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar anti-Semitic remarks. Pence joined President Trump in calling for Ilhan Omar to step down from Congress.

President Trump announced in a press meeting that Ilhan Omar has anti-Semitic beluga deep within her heart that she should step down.

Trump stated, “What she said is so deep-seated in her heart, that her lame apology, and that’s what it was, it was lame, and she didn’t mean a word of it was just not appropriate. I think she should resign from Congress, frankly.”

Vice President Mike Pence followed the President’s lead and called for Ilhan Omar to face consequences for her statement.

Pence Tweeted, “.@IlhanMN tweets were a disgrace & her apology was inadequate. Anti-Semitism has no place in the United States Congress, much less the Foreign Affairs Committee. Those who engage in anti-Semitic tropes should not just be denounced, they should face consequences for their words.”

These requests come after a long history of anti-Semitic statements from Ilhan Omar. However, the most recent statements she made were spewing Hitler type conspiracies that Jews use their wealth to buy Government.