Seven-Year-Old Boy Called ‘Little Hitler’ Because He Was Fundraising For A Wall!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

February 19, 2019

Benton Stevens — a seven-year-old from Austin, Texas stood his ground against a bunch of leftist fruit loop adults in support of out President. Benton set up a hot chocolate stand in Austin, Texas in order to raise money for the border wall. During his time with the stand one adult called him ‘little Hitler.’

According to KXAN, “A seven-year-old boy was harassed and called ‘Little Hitler’ after setting up a hot chocolate stand to raise money for President Trump’s border wall, his parents say. “Benton Stevens, of Austin, Texas was reportedly motivated to help fund the border wall between the United States and Mexico after watching Trump’s State of the Union on February 5 with his parents Jennifer and Shane, who are both active members with the Republican National Committee.”

The mother told reporters, “People think he’s brainwashed. Well, of course, he supports Trump because we do, and he hears how we talk and this and that. Call that brainwashing, but I call it parenting, because we instill our values in him.”

The mother claimed that her son Benton was called ‘Little Hitler’ by some leftist fruit loop adult.

The mother stated, “He was called a ‘Little Hitler’ yesterday. A guy pointed at him in his car and then he said that we didn’t like brown people. I don’t understand that at all.”