Ben Stein: Green New Deal Will Make Great Depression Seem Like A Picnic!

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Article by Bryan Howard

February 21, 2019

Famous actor Ben Stein released a column for the American Spectator magazine on Tuesday, that slammed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal. Stein who holds an economics degree correctly labeled the deal as an economic disaster, and will make the Great Depression seem like a picnic.

Stein stated, “Patterned very loosely after FDR’s New Deal to fight the Great Depression, [Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s] plan would mandate complete and total control over the economy by the federal government. A New Gestapo would be created to watch America like a hawk. There could be no more gas- or oil-burning engines for anything.

Stein continued, “Every structure in the USA would have to be inspected and then knocked down and built anew, or ‘retrofitted’ so that it was totally powered by solar or wind or tidal action or some other form of totally non-polluting power. This would cost so much money that from the moment it was enacted, the USA would be bankrupt. The cost of this project would in a decade triple the national debt. This would make it completely unpayable EVER.

Stein concluded, “Inflation would explode as federal money chased a limited pool of workers and resources. The country would be in a crisis that would make the Great Depression look like a picnic. And meanwhile that immense cloud of air pollution raging out of China would not be reduced at all. In other words, we would have committed national economic suicide for nothing.”