Maxine Waters Says Wall Supporters Are Not Patriotic And Hate Our Country!

Article by Bryan Howard

February 20, 2019

The deplorable low IQ Maxine Waters was giving a speech to her far leftists supporters ┬áin front of Los Angeles City Hall on Presidents Day. The speech was in protest to President Trump’s national emergency of the wall. During her speech Waters claimed Trump supporters that want a wall are not ‘patriots’ and do not ‘love this country.’ According to Waters you only love this country if you oppose everything this country stands for.

Waters stated, “This president is trying to keep a campaign promise to all of those people that he swore he would build a wall!”

Waters continued, “And those people who want the wall are not patriots. are not people who love this country, they are not people who stand up for what’s right!”

Waters exclaimed, “And so we’ve got to resist this president and this so-called national emergency!”