Insane: CNN Host Calls For Legalizing Prostitution!

Article by Bryan Howard

February 24, 2019

CNN host Michael Smerconish Held a segment on his show talking about Patriots owner Robert Kraft getting busted for soliciting prostitutes. Smerconish believes that this was a waste of money for an investigation because it should be legal. Unfortunately this is a take many on the left and libertarians are taking today. It is an upsetting idea to legalize sex work that would clearly decay our society further.

Smerconish stated,

“News reports have all the elements, sex, money, stakeout, allegedly even videotape. My take, legalize it. In a world where men and women swipe right for companionship and send nude selfies before showing off the real thing, surely an exchange of money for sex between consenting adults is not an absurd suggestion. Like pot, prostitution should be legal, cleaned up, regulated. Healthy. Let me be clear, of course, no woman should be forced into this line of work and anyone who would attempt to make them indentured servants should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But not a 77-year-old guy who lost his wife of 48 years back in 2011. As it is, I tweeted, it represents the largest waste of resources since Jussie Smollett.”

The argument for legalizing sex work is an incredible sign our culture on a rapid decline that is rather alarming. I don’t care how anyone feels on this topic, and if you believe it should be legal you are very wrong. Sex work can never be regulated into a safe career for women no matter how much politicians try. We are having issues with broken families in our society as it is, and if we were to legalize sex work it could be the end of a family unit in our country.