Jim Jordan Warns Democrats Are Attempting To Create Gun Registry In Order To Confiscate Guns!

PHOTO: Greg Nash

Article by Bryan Howard

February 27, 2019

Jim Jordan released a video explaining the Democrats are attempting to create a gun registry to have mass gun confiscation in new bill.

Democrats are proposing the bill H.R. 8, which would enforce universal background checks and prevent private guns sales to friends and neighbors. There is only one problem with this policy to be enforce. In order to enforce this law the Government would need to create a gun registry so they knew where every gun was at all times. There is only one reason why a Government would want to know where every gun is at all times and it is not for citizen safety. The Government would use this registry in order to confiscate every gun in the United States.

NRA tweeted, “@Jim_Jordan is back to reiterate how dangerous and really are. “Universal” background checks lead to a national registry, which leads to confiscation – plain and simple. We must fight back and contact our lawmakers. → http://bit.ly/OpposeGunControl