Article by Bryan Howard

February 28, 2019

Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on Fox News with Sean hannity to discuss Trump’s negotiations with North Korea. Graham claimed Trump has North Korea rattled from their negotiations and his refusal to be like Obama.

Graham stated, “Why is Trump meeting with North Korea when North Korea wouldn’t meet with anybody else? I think President Trump rattled North Korea. I think they believed that President Trump would use military force to stop their nuclear missile program if he had to. He took them seriously and Trump’s giving them a way out. Chairman Kim, if you’re smart, you’ll take the way out given to you by President Trump. If you’re actually trying to play the guy, you’re going to regret this effort.”

Graham and Hannity jokes about Obama’s administration handing over pallets of cash to dictators, and how Obama received a Nobel peace prize for nothing.

“A world in which Donald Trump gets the Nobel Peace Prize is probably more dangerous in the eyes of the liberals than North Korea having nukes,” Graham said.