WATCH NRA Video: “Join Our Fight Against The Socialist Storm”

PHOTO: Adrees Latif/Reuters

Article by Bryan Howard

February 28, 2019

The NRA released an amazing video showing they are fed up with the Socialists/Communists on the rise in government politicians. The NRA established the Socialists are not only looking to redistribute your wealth to them, but also your freedoms. The video is noting that the only protected class is the Socialist elites and the rest of us real American citizens are screwed.

The video starts off claiming, “When elitist politicians refuse to stand and clap as our President declares that America will never be a socialist country, here is what they’re really saying: that they believe in the redistribution of your freedoms, to them. That only they deserve to feel safe and secure. We don’t. Because in the eyes of America’s socialist leaders they, and they alone, are the protected class.

The video finishes off in a great inspiring statement, “Join our fight against this socialist storm. Stand on the frontlines with us. And together, we will protect this country from the arrogant protected class that tries to tear it apart.”