WATCH: President Trump Calls Dying MAGA Supporter!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

March 9, 2019

President Trump made a surprise call for one of his supporters in order to lift his spirits. A 44-year-old Jay W. Barrett was given 6 months to live after his doctor declared him terminally ill with cystic fibrosis.

Breitbart News noted, “The jovial conversation was the result of efforts by Barrett’s sister, 1st District City Council member Bridgette Hoskie, in whose home Barrett will spend the last days of his life in as much comfort as can be provided. Hoskie’s attempt to get Trump to acknowledge her dying brother, despite describing herself as “100% Democrat,” has gained national and even bipartisan support.”

Breitbart News continued, “Barrett has been a staunch supporter of POTUS and told Trump that he would vote for him again in 2020, “God permitting.” Trump told Barrett that he “sounded like a fighter.” According to Barrett, Trump said, “we need people like you on our side — fighters.””

Breitbart concluded, “HUD official Lynne Patton will visit Barrett on Saturday, presenting him with a gift on behalf of the Trump family.”

We need to keep Jay W. Barrett in our prayers in order for him to fulfill his promise to be talking with President Trump ten years from now.