Hillary Clinton Calls For Abortion To Be Human Right!

Photo: Photo: Reuters/Gary Cameron

Article by Bryan Howard

March 8, 2019

Hillary Clinton is proving she is the champion of baby sacrifices for her religion of Leftism. On Friday Clinton went to twitter to push for abortion on demand for all women as a human right.

According to Life News, “Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton backed legislation Friday that would require the State Department to bring back a “Reproductive Rights” section in their annual Human Rights report. Clinton claimed the term’s omission was “dangerous” and also advocated for a global right to access abortion.”

Clinton Tweeted, “Important legislation introduced yesterday: The Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights Act would correct the Trump administration’s dangerous decision to remove reporting on reproductive rights from the State Department’s annual reports on human rights practices around the world.”

Clinton continued, “By requiring annual reporting on women’s access to basic health care like contraception, safe abortion, and maternal health care around the world. Congress can make sure the rights of women and girls will no longer be up for grabs in each election.”


Clinton continued, “I introduced reproductive rights sections to the reports while I was secretary of state because access to reproductive health care is a protected human right affecting women’s right to life, equality, and freedom from inhumane treatment.”

The ability to kill your own children is not and shall never be a human right. It is absolutely disgusting that people on the left believe in this evil idea.

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