Teen Vogue Spreads Communist Propaganda Praise!

PHOTO: Teen Vogue

Article by Bryan Howard

March 11, 2019

Our young teen age girls are being brainwashed by popular girl magazines into Socialist/Communist propaganda. Popular magazine Teen Vogue, which is directed to 13-17 year old girls praised Socialism/Communism as a great thing for women’s rights. During the piece they praised International Women’s day was the catalyst for the Communist revolution in 1917 Russia.

Teen Vogue stated, “While women from all ends of the political spectrum — some centrist, many progressive, and even some on the right — will fight back against misogyny on International Women’s Day in countries all over the world, the day has its roots in anti-capitalist and socialist feminism. In fact, International Women’s Day historically has had a remarkably socialist platform, dating back to the early 20th century.”

Teen Vogue continued, “In November 1909immigrant women in their teens and 20s in New York City began an 11-week strike, or as many labor historians recall it, “the uprising of the 20,000.” In her book Women and Socialism, historian Sharon Smith explains that although the strike took more than two months during a brutal winter, the women won recognition for most local factories in Local 25 of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union. Up until this point, their union had been male-dominated”

Teen Vogue announced it’s most disgusting praise of the Soviet Union revolution, “The tie between International Women’s day and socialism was made clear in Soviet Russia, too, Smith explains.”

Teen Vogue praised how the Communists International Women’s Day led to the Communist revolution, ““On International Women’s Day in 1917, Russian women workers organized massive strikes and demonstrations under the theme ‘Opposition to the war, high prices, and the situation of the woman worker,’ ” Smith says. “The strike movement spread very quickly, overturning the czarist dictatorship and launching the Russian Revolution that achieved victory in October of that same year. If Russian women workers could overthrow a dictator by uniting together and going on strike, then surely women everywhere in the world today have the potential to accomplish major political change.””

Teen Vogue finished off by claiming Capitalism is oppressive to woman, “International Women’s Day, historically, has always been about highlighting the relationship between capitalism and women’s oppression, and that remains significant today,” Taylor tells Teen Vogue. “I think socialist feminism, as a political current, developed in the late 1960s and the 1970s. It certainly developed with the idea of connecting the historic aims of the socialist movement, which involved what Martin Luther King Jr. referred to as the radical reconstruction of American society.”

This is a false narrative considering Capitalism in the United States has created Woman into a more successful group than men today. Capitalism is the second greatest thing created for woman right behind marriage.