WATCH: Ilhan Omar Calls Trump Not A Human!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

March 12, 2019

The Jew hating Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is using dehumanizing language again. Omar called President Trump not a human in a hateful statement to Fox NEws reporter. Omar seems to be incapable of not being a disgusting hateful human when ever she gets a platform to speak.

Fox News reporter  Guerin Hays asked Omar about her critical statements of Barack Obama comparing him to a murderer, but she was refusing to answer any questions. However, Hays did get Omar triggered when he asked her if she viewed Obama and Trump as the same.

Hays asked, “Can you set the record straight when it comes to the Politico interview.”

Omar would not answer.

Hays asked, “Do you think that Trump and Obama are the same, just different when it comes to their policies?”

Omar would not answer.

Hays continued asking, “We understand that you refute this Politico story, could you just set the record straight so we can get your side of it?”

Omar would not answer.

“Do you think President Obama is the same as President Trump?” Hays asked.

Omar triggered by the question responded, “Absolutely not. That is silly to even think and equate the two.”

“One is human, the other is not,” Omar continued.