BOOM: MAGA teen’s lawyer speaks out on $275M CNN lawsuit!

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Article by Bryan Howard

March 13, 2019

Nick Sandmann was attacked unfairly from the left and the main stream media as a racist after leftist activists attacked Sandmann. However, Attorney Lin Wood announced the official law suite against CNN, where he will be going after $275 million for his client Nick Sandmann. This comes after Wood filed a $250 million against the Washington Post for their attacks against Sandmann.

The suit will be seeking $75 million for harm to Nick Sandmann’s reputation and $200 million in punitive damages.

Lin Wood tweeted, “The journey for justice for Nicholas Sandmann continues. Todd McMurtry @FitLwyr & I have many more steps to take but we know change will only occur if there is accountability for false accusations. And change is needed now more than ever.”


Nick Sandmann’s co-Attorney Todd McMurtry appeared on Fox News to explain they will be suing CNN for $275 million, and there will be more law suites to come against other News organizations. McMurtry named NBC and the Associate Press as some of the news outlets that will suffer law suites.

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  1. I hope that these maligned kids are awarded figures that amount to multiple times the sums named. I am so sick of the main stream media maligning people just because of their political affiliation.

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