Lisa Page Transcript: Russia Collusion Was Insurance Policy To Get Trump!

PHOTO: The Hill

Article by Bryan Howard

March 13, 2019

The Lisa Page transcript from her hearing was released and it was a bombshell. Earlier it was reported the transcripts showed the Obama DOJ protected Hillary Clinton from being prosecuted for her emails. This portion of the transcript shows Russia Collusion was the insurance policy in order to bring down Donald Trump if he were to win in 2016.

The portion of this hearing in the transcript was questioning Lisa Page over the text message FBI agent Peter Strzok sent her claiming he had an insurance policy in case Trump won in 2016. The committee asked PAge the meaning behing ‘Insurance policy.’

Fox News reported, “During her interview with the Judiciary Committee in July 2018, Page was questioned at length about that text — and essentially confirmed this referred to the Russia investigation while explaining that officials were proceeding with caution, concerned about the implications of the case while not wanting to go at ‘total breakneck speed’ and risk burning sources as they presumed Trump wouldn’t be elected anyway. Further, she confirmed investigators only had a ‘paucity’ of evidence at the start.”

Text from Strzok to Page in August 2016 which read: “I want to believe the path you threw out in Andy’s [McCabe’s] office—that there’s no way he gets elected—but I’m afraid we can’t take the risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”

Page responded, “So, upon the opening of the crossfire hurricane investigation, we had a number of discussions up through and including the Director regularly in which we were trying to find an answer to the question, right, which is, is there someone associated with the [Trump] campaign who is working with the Russians in order to obtain damaging information about Hillary Clinton,” Page said. “And given that it is August, we were very aware of the speed and sensitivity that we needed to operate under.”

Page continued that, “if the answer is this is a guy just being puffery at a meeting with other people, great, then we don’t need to worry about this, and we can all move on with our lives; if this is, in fact, the Russians have coopted an individual with, you know, maybe wittingly or unwittingly, that’s incredibly grave, and we need to know that as quickly as possible.”

Fox News noted, “Page explained that the text message reflected their “continuing check-in” as to “how quickly to operate.””

“[W]e don’t need to go at a total breakneck speed because so long as he doesn’t become President, there isn’t the same threat to national security, right,” Page explained, while saying that if Trump were not elected president, the bureau would still investigate.

“But if he becomes President, that totally changes the game because now he is the President of the United States,” Page told lawmakers. “He’s going to immediately start receiving classified briefings. He’s going to be exposed to the most sensitive secrets imaginable. And if there is somebody on his team who wittingly or unwittingly is working with the Russians, that is super serious.”

Page continued, “So this reflects: Let’s be reasonable, let’s not, you know, throw the kitchen sink at this because he’s probably not going to be elected, and so then we don’t have quite as horrific a national security threat than if we do if he gets elected.”

Fox New noted, “Page also spoke to how little information the bureau was starting with, saying the FBI “knew so little” about whether the allegations were “true or not true,” and had “a paucity of evidence because we are just starting down the path” of vetting the allegations.”

Page claimed, “it is entirely common, particularly in a counterintelligence investigation, that you would only have—you would have a small amount of evidence” in launching a probe.