Beto Is running For 2020 President ‘I’m Just Born To Be In It’

Photo: AP Photo/Eric Gay, Filelu

Article by Bryan Howard

March 14, 2019

Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke (fake Hispanic) announced he is officially running for President in 2020 in the early hours of Thursday. The failed Texas Democrat Senate challenger claims he’s born to be in the 2020 race.

Beto stated, “Amy and I are happy to share with you that I’m running to serve you as the next president of the United States of America,” O’Rourke said. “This is a defining moment of truth for this country and for every single one of us. The challenges we face right now, the interconnected crises in our democracy, and our climate have never been greater.”

Beto have an interview with Vanity fair where he establishes his arrogance announcing his run for President.

Beto State, “Man, I’m just born to be in it.”

“You can probably tell that I want to run,” O’Rourke stated. “I do. I think I’d be good at it.”

Neto continued to discuss how he understands some people won’t vote for him because he is a white male.

“But I totally understand people who will make a decision based on the fact that almost every single one of our presidents has been a white man, and they want something different for this country. And I think that’s a very legitimate basis upon which to make a decision. Especially in the fact that there are some really great candidates out there right now.”

The idea that Democrats believe is is legitimate not to vote for someone on the basis that someone is a white male is pure evil. I could never imagine the Republican Party having discussions on if we should vote for someone based on the race or sex of the individual. It goes to show Democrats don’t care about ideas, but shallow things like race and sex.

Beto O’Rourke joins a crowded field of Democrats in 2020, and will likely struggle to garner enough votes to win the nomination. Bernie Sanders benefits the most from a crowded field because he has a loyal base of the radical Socialists that will always vote for Bernie.