Bernie Sanders 1970 Calls For Nationalization Of Industries And 100% Tax


Article by Bryan Howard

March 15, 2019

CNN ran a hit piece on Thursday against Bernie Sanders. The hit piece is because CNN is attempting to push a more moderate Democrat that could win against President Trump in 2020, but Bernie Sanders is likely to win the nomination due to the loaded field.

CNN unloaded old interviews from the 1970’s of Bernie Sanders where he establishes himself as a full blown Communist. Bernie Sanders calls for complete nationalization of banks, corporations, and utilities. Bernie also called for 100% taxation in one of his statements.

CNN noted Bernie stated, “I favor the public ownership of utilities, banks and major industries,” Sanders said in one interview with the Burlington Free Press in 1976.”

CNN put out a quote of Bernie Sanders from 1973 in an open letter where he called for nationalizing almost everything.

CNN wrote, “”I would also urge you to give serious thought about the eventual nationalization of these gigantic companies,” Sanders wrote in a December 1973 open letter to Vermont Sen. Robert Stafford that ran in the Vermont Freeman. “It is extremely clear that these companies, owned by a handful of billionaires, have far too much power over the lives of Americans to be left in private hands. The oil industry, and the entire energy industry, should be owned by the public and used for the public good — not for additional profits for billionaires.””

CNN pulled out a statement from Bernie Sanders from 1976 where Bernie Sanders called for public ownership of utilities.

CNN noted, “I will be campaigning in support of the Liberty Union utility proposal which calls for the public ownership of Vermont’s private electric companies without compensation to the banks and wealthy stockholders who own the vast majority of stock in these companies,” he said in a July 1976 press release. “I will also be calling for public ownership of the telephone company — which is probably the single greatest rip-off company in America.”

CNN continued with a Bernie Sanders statement, “”In the long run, the problem of the fleeing corporations must be dealt with on the national level by legislation which will bring about the public ownership of the major means of production and their conversion into worker-controlled enterprises.”

Bernie Sanders made a statement where he called for nationalizing all banks.

CNN wrote Bernie Sanders comment, “”There is a handful of people sitting at the head of the main banks controlling the destiny of underprivileged nations, the country as well as Vermont’s economy,” Sanders said. “That is not tolerable. That control cannot be held by them. We need public control over capital; and the capital must be put to use for public need not for the advancement of those who made the investments.””

CNN continued with Bernie Sanders comment, “I favor the public ownership of utilities, banks and major industries. In Vermont we have some $2 billion of deposits in our banks,” Sanders told the paper. “In Vermont, as well as nationally, it is not tolerable to me that the control of capital would remain in the hands of the richest two or three percent of the population to do with it as they like.”

Bernie Sanders was still calling for Socialized medicine, which is as radical communist idea as it gets.

Bernie quote from CNN, “”I believe in socialized medicine, public ownership of the drug companies and placing doctors on salaries. The idea that millionaires can make money by selling poor people drugs that they desperately need for highly inflated prices disgusts me,” he said.”

CNN found a statement of Bernie Sanders calling for a 100% tax on any earnings over $1 million.

CNN wrote, “In February 1976, Liberty Union put out a state tax proposal calling for a radical revamping of the system, including the removal of all taxes of sales, beverages, cigarettes, polls, and the use of telephones, railroads or electric energy. Tax rates for those earning more than $100,00 would be 33.47%, $50,000-$99,999 would be 19%, $25,000-$49,000 would be 13.56%, and $10,000-$14,999 would be 4%. Anyone earning less than $10,000 would pay no state income tax.”

CNN continued, “During his 1974 Senate run, Sanders said one plan to expand government included making it illegal to gain more wealth than person could spend in a lifetime and have a 100% tax on incomes above this level. (Sanders defined this as $1 million dollars annually).”

“Nobody should earn more than a million dollars,” Sanders said.

Bernie Sanders is nothing shy of a complete Communist that is a Soviet Union sympathizer. Sanders honeymooned in 1988 in the Soviet Union and praised them for being more advanced than the United States.