Trans Person Charged With Hate Crime After Pepper Spraying White People In New York!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

March 13, 2019

A man who identifies as a woman was charged for a hate crime in New York. The individual sprayed 6 different white people with Pepper Spray. One individual the man who identifies as a woman threatened to stab with a sharp object. The Transgender individual is a black male who specifically targeted white people out of hate.

The Daily Wire Reported, “It is unclear just how many alleged attacks were committed and just when they started. According to police, Thomas J. Heard, 37, who is black, according to The New York Times, was eventually traced by police with the help of his alleged first victim, whom he attacked with a sharp object in the Bronx, as Fox News reported. Other alleged attacks by Heard included using a pepper spray-like substance on a man at the 125th St. subway station, then pepper-spraying five more people when Heard reached the street. Another alleged attack followed, in which Heard attacked a woman waiting for another subway train.”

Thomas Heard was arrested and charged with assault for a hate crime on Saturday.