AMAZING: Trump Calls To Remove Public Funding From PBS, NPR, And NEA!


Article by Bryan Howard

March 19, 2019

President Trump released his new budget proposal and he was attempting to find cuts in our budget where he could. Since Trump would never be able to remove any welfare programs he needed to get creative. Trump’s administration decided it was time to remove funding from public owned media outlets that focus on spreading Socialist propaganda and historically false narratives.

The entities the budget directly named Public Broadcast Service (PBS), National Public Radio (NPR), and National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). The budget calls for cutting the $435 million to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and $126 million from the NEA.

The budget states, “Private fundraising has proven durable, negating the need for continued Federal subsidies. Services such as PBS and NPR, which receive funding from CPB, could make up the shortfall by increasing revenues from corporate sponsors, foundations, and members. In addition, alternatives to PBS and NPR programming have grown substantially since CPB was first established in 1967, greatly reducing the need for publicly funded programming options.”

We citizens should not be funding these organizations that focus all their time and energy in removing the constitution and all of our Freedoms. NPR has became one of the most radical Socialist propaganda organizations in the entire United States.