Democrat 2020 Candidate Yang Calls For Shutting Down Conservative News Outlets!


Article by Bryan Howard

March 20, 2019

Democrat 2020 candidate Andrew Yang is arguably the most tyrannical of all the candidates running. Yang is an extremely wealth Chinese American who proposes policies similar to the Communist Chinese Government. Yang has proposed a Social Credit score like China and a $1,000 Universal Basic Income plan for every citizen.

Now Yang is proposing to investigate and punish any news organization he considers ‘fake news.’ This means Yang will do what ever he can shut down any Conservative news organization like ‘Preserve Conservative Values’ because we will disagree with the Communist agenda.

Yang wrote on his web-page, “We must introduce both a means to investigate and punish those who are seeking to misinform the American public. If enough citizens complain about a particular source of information and news is demonstrably and deliberately false, there should be penalties.”

Yang continued, “I will appoint a new News and Information Ombudsman with the power to fine egregious corporate offenders. One of the main purposes of the Ombudsman will be to identify sources of spurious information that are associated with foreign nationals. The Ombudsman will work with social media companies to identify fraudulent accounts and disable and punish responsible parties,”

Yang stated, “We need a robust free press and exchange of information. But we should face the reality that fake news and misinformation spread via social media threatens to undermine our democracy and may make it impossible for citizens to make informed decisions on a shared set of facts,”

Yang concluded, “This is particularly problematic given that foreign actors, particularly Russia, intend to do us harm and capitalize on our freedom of information. We need to start monitoring and punishing bad actors to give the determined journalists a chance to do their work.”

If Democrats ever regain power they will make sure they never lose it again by making it illegal to disagree with them.

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