Rubio Demolishes Democrats For Their Abolish Electoral College Stance!

PHOTO: ABC Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

March 19, 2019

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio snapped on the Democrats for the abolish the Electoral College stance.

On Monday night Elizabeth Warren called for the government to abolish the Electoral College. And the media are spreading false narratives claiming the system is built to hold back slaves and minorities. Obviously to anyone who has a brain that is a completely dumb stance that makes our heads explode.

was work of genius by founders. It requires candidates for President to earn votes from various parts of country. And it makes sure interests of less populated areas aren’t ignored at the expense of densely populated areas.”


Rubio continued, “Ironically same people always preaching about our “constitutional norms” want to change the ones they find inconvenient.

In addition to getting rid of they also want to pack .

I will soon file a bill to prevent this court packing scheme.”

One thought on “Rubio Demolishes Democrats For Their Abolish Electoral College Stance!

  1. The crazy thing about adopting the popular vote over the electoral college is that most of the states that have signed onto it (RI, VT, HI, DC, CO, CT, MD, MA, WA) will be ignored as a result of the pact. Only the four population center states (NJ, IL, NY, CA) will benefit.

    Additionally, how will these Democrat nimrods react if a Republican (say Donald Trump, Junior) wins the popular vote, but would not have won the electoral vote had they not pulled this stunt?

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