AOC Calls For Mass Gun Confiscation!

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Article by Bryan Howard

March 22, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went to Twitter in order to call for mass gun confiscation against all Americans. She made this post with a video of New Zealand Prime Minister Arden calling for mass gun confiscation. Democrats are no longer hiding the fact they want to take all guns from citizens in order to abuse their power over us.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, “Sandy Hook happened 6 years ago and we can’t even get the Senate to hold a vote on universal background checks w/ .

Christchurch happened, and within days New Zealand acted to get weapons of war out of the consumer market.

This is what leadership looks like”

As you see in the video Prime Minister Arden calls for an extreme gun confiscation instantly. And Ocasio-Cortez is praising her as a great leader because of this.

Ocasio-Cortez continued, “You know, instead of training children, teachers, houses of faith, & concertgoers to prep for being shot, we could just:

-Pass Universal Background checks (!)
-Disarm domestic abusers
-Mandate safe storage
-Ban bump stocks, semiautos, & high cap mags designed to kill people”


I sent a question to AOC over twitter, “Question? After you take our guns by force when will you be forcing us Conservatives to be executed because we are political dissenters from you?”

One thought on “AOC Calls For Mass Gun Confiscation!

  1. One of the reasons that this article has no comments is the fact that this article and others like it have “no legs”. Suffice it to say that, as long as there exists the current and original Bill of Rights, guaranteeing said God Given Rights as citizens of the U.S., NO ONE or NO Entity will ever vote them away. The Constitution will continue to last as long as we citizens exist. End of discussion and, hopefully the End of Articles like this regarding our Second Amendment Rights. Does the author feel threatened? I don’t and I believe most rational Americans have had their fill of such articles.

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