No Further Indictments From Mueller. Trump Likely In The Clear!

Photo: CNN

Article by Bryan Howard

March 23, 2019

Robert Mueller turned in his final report on the Russia Trump collusion to Attorneys General William Barr on Friday. This has led many to speculate what the report says, but the left will likely melt down after a few leaks have come out.

A senior Justice Department official told news outlets that will not issue any additional indictments in the Russia investigation and has not filed any charges under seal.

This is a sign that President Trump and his associates are not guilty of any crimes and likely did not collude with Russia. That does not come to shock to Conservatives considering it was obvious from the beginning.

Robert Mueller indicted six Trump associates over his 22 month investigation, but not a single indictment had anything to do with Trump or the Russia probe. Proving this was a “Witch Hunt.”

Once Attorney General Barr is finished with the Mueller probe we need a thorough investigation into Mueller, the FBI, and the Democrat Part for collusion to overthrow an election.