Culture Dying: Men Stand By Refusing To Help And Watch Elderly Woman Get Beat

Article by Bryan Howard

March 24, 2019

A 36-year-old man kicked and stomped a 78-year-old woman on a train in New York causing her to bleed from her head. This is a video that has went viral over the last few days and it shows many men on the train on looking refusing to step in and help her. The men in the background were almost cheering it on in excitement.

The assault took place on March 10th and the elderly woman was treated for  treated for swelling, cuts to the face and bleeding. The man since has been arrested and will be charged.

It is unclear what caused this man to strike the elderly woman, but it doesn’t matter what she could have said or done because his actions are not defensible. The most disgusting aspect for me personally is the fact that non of the other men jumped in to help this poor woman from being assaulted. It is unfathomable to think 30-50 years a go that men would stand by and watch an elderly woman get beat by a young man in a vicious way. This is another sign that our once great culture is slowly dying.

Side note: we as men have only one job in society and that is to be protectors of woman, children, and the elderly; however, if we can’t hold true to those promises then our society will fall further into decay.


Thank God for our great police department who was capable of finding this deplorable individual and take him off the streets.

Here is a video of the man being walked out by detectives.

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  1. This piece of shit will go to prison, get three meals a day, a shower, bed, medical care, dental care, and probably tv so he could do nothing but lay around all day! I guess it pays to beat up an old woman!!! I hope someone whacks him in jail!

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