Graham Announces Investigation On If Mueller Probe Created To Spy On Trump!

Photo: Yahoo News

Article by Bryan Howard

March 25, 2019

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Lindsey Graham gave a press conference where he announced he will be investigating the Mueller probe. Graham believes there was foul play and the Mueller report may have been created to spy on President Trump. Graham promised he will be opening an investigation into the probe to make sure there was no foul play.

Graham said, “The FISA warrant issued against Carter Page was based on a dossier prepared by Christopher Steele is at a minimum disturbing. Whether or not it is illegal, I don’t know. So I’m going to get answers to this. No one seems to care it seems to be only Republicans that do and that’s sad.”

“If the shoe were on the other foot it would be front page news—the double standard has been striking and frankly disappointing,” Graham said.

Graham announced his concerns of what the Mueller probe may have been used for, “whether or not a counterintelligence investigation was opened up regarding the Trump campaign as a backdoor to spy on the campaign.”

“I will be doing oversight to try to put this puzzle together,” Graham said.
“To those who were abusive of the process in 2016 on the other side, you haven’t had much scrutiny, but that’s coming,” Graham added.

“What I hope Mr. Barr will do is what I hope for the country’s sake, appoint somebody outside of the current system into these allegations somebody we all trust, and let them do what Mr. Mueller did,” Graham concluded.