It’s A Witch Hunt: AG Barr Releases There Was No Trump Russia Collusion!


Article by Bryan Howard

March 24, 2019

Attorney General William Barr released a four letter report on Robert Mueller’s probe into President Trump colluding with Russia and it was a bombshell. William Barr concluded Robert Mueller found zero evidence of President Trump and his administration colluding with Russia. This means that the Russia Probe was now proven to be a ‘WITCH HUNT.’

The report stated, “The Special Counsel found no evidence that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired with the Russians to influence the election, despite offers by the Russians to do so.”

Attorney General William Barr wrote about Trump’s firing of James Comey counted as obstruction of justice. Barr stated the report “does not conclude that the President committed a crime,” but “it also does not exonerate him.”

In the four page letter Barr revealed Mueller Subpoenaed nearly 2,800 people and 500 witnesses. The investigation was noted as thorough and comprehensive. This means President Trump and his administration did not collude with Russia in any form including the Hillary Clinton Hacked emails.

The people on the left will hold tight to their tin foil hats and claim that the DOJ and Mueller are lying and protecting Trump even though the evidence proves otherwise. The Left will never accept the findings similar to them never accepting the 2016 results, so be prepared for another round of investigations into Mueller and William Barr by the House Democrats.