O’Rourke ‘America Will Not See Another Year If Mueller Report Isn’t Made Public’

Article by Bryan Howard

March 24, 2019

Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke gave a campaign speech in South Carolina on Friday night, where he claimed America may end in a year. The reason O’Rourke believes that America could end in a year is if the Mueller report on Trump is not made public.

O’Rourke stated, “Republicans and Democrats should do whatever they can to make sure their constituents, the American people, can read that report, form their own judgement, make their own decisions, and that the truth comes out.”

O’Rourke continued to explain America won’t see another year if we don’t get the Mueller report public, “This is an unprecedented attack on this country and on our democracy, and we are owed the facts. And if we do not receive them, 243 years in, there’s nothing that guarantees us a 244th.” 

O’Rourke concluded, “For this democracy to succeed, people must put our country before their party, the next election, the approval of the president. What matters now is the future of the United States.”

The Mueller report was officially turned in late Friday afternoon, and these leftist fruit loops are expecting the the report to be turned over to the public. They haven’t give Barr any time to read the report fully before they started a melt down over receiving it.