Trump National Emergency upholds In House, Republicans Show Backbone!

PHOTO: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

Article by Bryan Howard

March 27, 2019

President Trump’s National Emergency was voted down by the Senate with twelve Republicans turning their backs on the country, but the President Vetoed the Senate vote. That sent the vote to the House of Representatives in order to stop the President’s national emergency.

The House held the vote on Tuesday and needed 2/3 of the house to oppose the President’s national emergency. Democrats did hold the majority but needed many Republicans to flip in order to stop the national emergency. However, Republicans in the House showed a backbone and stood their ground preventing the halt of the President gaining a border wall.

The vote in the House was 248-181 which fell short of the 2/3 majority. This is a huge victory for America and the Trump administration in gaining border security at the southern border.

Trump tweeted, “Thank you to the House Republicans for sticking together and the BIG WIN today on the Border. Today’s vote simply reaffirms Congressional Democrats are the party of Open Borders, Drugs and Crime!”