Republican Rep Conaway Demands Schiff To Step Down In Person!

PHOTO: Andrew Harnik / AP

Article by Bryan Howard

March 28, 2019

Republican Congressman of Texas Mike Conaway urged House Committee Chairman of Intel Adam Schiff to resign from his position during a committee meeting. Conaway used his time on the Committee floor that Schiff is in charge of demanding Schiff he needs to steep down from his seat due to the clear false lies he spread about Trump colluding with Russia.


Donal Trump Jr. tweeted the video in response to Conaway’s declaration.

“He’s right. Schiff has gotten more air time flagrantly lying to the American people about irrefutable proof that he’s seen that amazingly no one else, including Mueller, is aware of. The media gave him the platform to lie and slander my family and he did it at every opportunity.”