Paul Wants An Investigation Into Obama For Spying On Trump Campaign!

Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images North America

Article by Bryan Howard

March 28, 2019

Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul held an interview with Breitbart News. During the interview Paul discussed how there needs to be an investigation into Obama and his circle of cabinet officials on their involvement in spying on the Trump campaign.

Paul stated, “You know, I don’t know. But I think we ought to know. The thing is like I say, when they release the information—if the report is to come out, part of the release is they should have to release any documents from Loretta Lynch and any documents from the president that discuss or have information pertaining to the FISA warrant. If this went all the way up to president, to President Obama, yes we should know that. The only way you’ll get that is if Democrats really want to read all million pages of Mueller’s investigation and we tell them fine you’ll get that but only if we get all the information from the Obama administration on who was unmasking names, who was unmasking phone calls. Who was making the arguments for the FISA warrant and what were there arguments for it? Did President Obama get involved in it? Did Loretta Lynch get involved in it? So I think if we’re going to look at the Mueller report we should look at the origins of this Russian hoax investigation as well.”

Paul called for a full investigation into the Obama administration and what they knew about the Trump wore tap.

Paul stated, “Yeah, and the way you’ll find out about it like I say is if they’re demanding the full report come out and all of that information come out then we should demand in exchange for that all of the paper, all of the information that was transforming how and why they got those FISA warrants should be made public too. Everybody should be allowed to read who’s making the decisions and what were their arguments for why anybody should respect or believe this dossier that was paid for by the Clinton campaign. So I think that from my point of view the only way I’ll agree to release more information from this Mueller investigation is they also need to release information that points to who in the Obama administration agreed to start this Russia hoax.”

Paul called for a complete reform on the FBI’s ability to get a FISA warrant.

“One of the things that I’ve talked with President Trump several times about would be a reform where the FBI was required to go to a judge to get a warrant in order to search the FISA database. The FISA database is a foreign intelligence database. We tap phones and listen to people all around the world. But when they talk to an American, you’re not supposed to be able to know who the American is without getting a warrant from a judge. An American has a right to the Fourth Amendment, and you’re not supposed to listen to Americans’ phone calls without asking a judge. We believe President Trump has the power to make this the standard rule for the FBI. We tried to pass this in Congress and we got very close, we didn’t get it passed, and that would be requiring the FBI to get a warrant. But we think the president could also, just as the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, make it a rule for the FBI and say from now on if you want to listen to an American’s phone call or you want to use evidence from an American’s phone call to a foreigner from that database, that you have to ask a judge for permission before you can listen to it or use it for any means.”

Paul took a moment to call out the left-wing media for their shameless acts of spreading propaganda.

Paul stated, “I think the left-wing media has no conscience. I don’t think that they’ll apologize. I think the left-wing media has no shame. They’ve been trumpeting this thing for two solid years. People were saying ‘the president is going to jail,’ that he ‘absolutely colluded,’ that the president is a spy, we’ve even had some in the media do the same to me. I think they should apologize but do I think they will apologize? No. If you go on the left-wing television sites and watch them they’re still concocting new stories and saying things like ‘we need to know about his tax returns.’ It’s endless. But I think the American people are catching on. Ever since the Catholic high school student who was in Washington that the left-wing media made this fake story about him disrespecting Native Americans—ever since then I think people are catching on that the media doesn’t really care about the truth and is willing to concoct any story that fits their narrative. It’s the same thing with Trump. They hate Trump so they concocted this whole thing, and now they’ll move on to some other thing. So I think you’ll see rare if any apologies.”