Pro-Life 85-Year-Old Man Beat Up For Praying Outside Of Planned Parenthood!


Article by Bryan Howard

March 31, 2019

an 85-year-old man was brutally attacked by a young man outside of a planned parenthood in San Francisco.

The elderly man’s name was identified as Ron was peacefully protesting outside of a Planned Parenthood for the pro-life cause. This led an irate leftist fruit loop to physically take Ron’s sign. Ron fought hard to hold on to his sign, but the punk brutally beat Ron for standing up to him.

Ron told an NBC affiliate, “I tried to keep him from taking it and that was it. “Then he knocked me down and kicked me.”

Ron claimed this same man harassed him three times that week before the attack. However, Ron is not going to allow young punks to intimidate him from standing up for what is right a just. Ron continues to go back in front of the abortion clinic to pray even with visible bruising.