Budding Friendship’s Between Israel, Brazil, And USA!

PHOTO: Montagem/Agência Câmara/Flickr

Article by Bryan Howard

April 1, 2019

A budding friendship is forming between Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. The two met in Israel on Sunday to discuss relations, which have been strained due to Brazil’s past leaders being Socialists. In January Bolsonaro was elected Brazil’s President and gave the country a 180 degree turn. Bolsonaro is a right-wing anti-Socialist who believes in God, which means he strongly supports Israel as a sovereign nation.

One of the first statements Bolsonaro gave to Benjamin Netanyahu was in Hebrew, “Ani ohev et Israel,” or “I love Israel” in his welcome ceremony.

During the discussion between the two nation leaders Bolsonaro announced he will be moving the Brazilian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Bolsonaro refers to himself as ‘Trump of the Tropics’ followed Trump with moving his nations embassy in support of Israel.

Netanyahu stated he loved Bolsonaro’s “deep faith … in our common heritage” and “strong desire to strengthen ties between Israel and Brazil.”

“My friend Mr. President, we are making history together. When you took up office last January, we opened a new era in Brazil-Israel relations,” he said.

“I was at the moving ceremony in which you were sworn in as president and here, after a mere three months, on your first visit outside South America, you have come to Israel in order to bring relations between us to a new height,” he added.

“Mr. President, you have come to Israel at a tense time. I have ordered that IDF forces remain fully deployed around the Gaza Strip. This includes tanks, artillery, ground forces and air forces. We are prepared for any scenario and — if need be — an extensive campaign. We will do what needs to be done for the security of Israel,” Netanyahu said.

Both Netanyahu and Bolsonaro are friends and strong supporters of President Trump, which will likely create a great trio of leaders to bring back national strength to all their nations. The greatest achievement the three leaders could make is to bring God back into their countries and remove the Secular Socialist agenda from the streets.