Heated: Kellyanne Conway Calls Chris Wallace’s Line Of Questioning Inappropriate!

PHOTO: YouTube Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

March 31, 2019

Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox News with Host Chris Wallace. Conway got heated with Wallace after he asked about her marriage. Conway responded “What, am I on a couch and you are a psychiatrist? I think it’s a really inappropriate question.”

Wallace stated, “I don’t want you to fight. I guess the question I have to ask, bottom line, final question, has this hurt your marriage?”

Conway responded, “What are you, Oprah now? What, am I on a couch and you are a psychiatrist? I think it’s a really inappropriate question, and here’s why. That’s the line over which nobody should have crossed. So, if you want to talk about policy issues, policy disagreement, the fact that George Conway, my husband, would prefer that I not work in the White House, I guess you can ask those questions. The president has weighed in, I’ve weighed in as modestly as I can. But now you’re asking a very personal question and I would say to you, you should go ask it of many people. I see messy lives living in glass houses all over both cities in which I live.”

Conway continued, “I’m surprised that people would ask that question. I have seen homewreckers on TV as marital experts all of a sudden. It’s very amusing to me but I think people knew they crossed the line when they’re talking about people’s marriages.”

“My family has a right to their private life also,” Conway concluded. “I have children who are 14, 14, 11 and nine. And the reason it gets so much coverage, particularly by the mainstream media, is because George Conway now agrees with them.”
Wallace ended the segment with an apology. “As I said, I’m not comfortable asking it, it is what people are talking about,” he said. “If I offended you, I’m sorry.”