Trump Saving Amy Coney Barrett To Replace RBG On Supreme Court!

PHOTO: Screenshot via CSPAN

Article by Bryan Howard

April 1, 2019

President Trump is being reported that he has plans for the up coming Conservative Jurist star Amy Coney Barrett. Trump heavily considered Amy Coney Barrett to be his last nomination for Supreme Court, but he ultimately picked Kavanaugh. Many Conservatives like myself preferred Coney Barrett over Kavanaugh. However, our wait may be about over with new reports claiming Trump is saving her to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Axios reported, “I’m saving her for Ginsburg,” Trump said of Barrett, according to three sources familiar with the president’s private comments. Trump used that exact line with a number of people, including in a private conversation with an adviser two days before announcing Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Axios noted, “Barrett has the inside track “in a very specific sense,” said a source who’s discussed Barrett with Trump. “She is the most known quantity right now amongst the women on the list. … And she also has the inside track in the sense that she was kind of battle-tested for having gone through a confirmation already.”

Amy Coney Barrett is a super young 47-years of age and graduated with her law degree from Notre Dame University. Barrett would give a strong Conservative majority in the Supreme Court for decades.

If the President can make this replacement we will see the end of the horrific Roe V Wade, and potentially the end to the crime against God ‘abortion.’