Crenshaw Destroys Castro’s Decriminalizing Entering The Country Illegally!

Article by Bryan Howard

April 3, 2019

Texas Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw fired off on Democrat 2020 hopeful Julian Castro for wanting to decriminalize immigration.

Julian Castro’s policy proposal on immigration would decriminalize anyone that enters our country illegally and give them a fast track pathway to becoming a citizen once they enter illegally.

Dan Crenshaw is a staunch border security defender stood up to Castro for his insane policy. Crenshaw did not hold back claiming Castro and the Democrats do not look out for the American citizen and are the party of open borders.

Dan Crenshaw tweeted,

Great idea Castro, way to look out for American citizens. Sigh.

Dems are the party of open borders. Period.

The crisis at our border is being described as in a “free fall”. We need to fix it, not give up.

Thanks for the suggestion Julian, we will take it from here.