Gillibrand Falsely Claims The Founding Fathers Opposed The Electoral College!

Article by Bryan Howard

April 3, 2019

Democrat 2020 hopeful New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand calls for abolishing the Electoral College. Gillibrand claimed the Founders intended for the United States to vote off the popular vote and not the Electoral College.

Gillibrand tweeted, “Our democracy is built on the principle of one person, one vote. It can’t function until we restore that principle. It’s time to abolish the Electoral College.”

Gillibrand is either completely ignorant or is intentionally misleading the people. Gillibrand made many false statements in her short tweet.

  1. The Founding Fathers wrote extensively on why they wanted the electoral college and opposed a popular vote. For a reference you can read Federalist Papers number 10 and 68. They are clear about the need for an Electoral College.
  2. We are not a Democracy but a Constitutional Republic. The Founding Fathers opposed Democracy to the fullest extent because it is majority tyranny over the minority. Yes, we have a portion of our government that is designed as a democracy for our local elections, but the founders understood that normal everyday voters will not be capable of following politics all day everyday in order to create an educated vote nationally. This was the purpose of the Electoral College that we vote on our Congressman to vote on our national elections and bills for us.