Democrats Raising Millions To Win Texas Senate Seat In 2020!

Photo: Andrew Harnik, STF / Associated Press

Article by Bryan Howard

April 5, 2019

Texas Democrats are setting the stage for another war over a Senate seat in 2020. Democrats kicked off a multi million dollar initiative to take down Republican Senator John Coryn. This is without even having a candidate for the Democrat challenger.

The Texas Tribune reported on Thursday, “In 2020, we must seize the opportunity to flip Texas. We cannot wait for the primary dust to settle before we launch our attacks on John Cornyn.” The statement was take from a memo released by the Texas Democrats.

The memo continued, “funded, in part, by record-breaking fundraising, including the most successful February totals in Texas Democratic Party history.”

The Democrats seem ready to have an all out war over this senate seat in hopes to turn Texas blue. Every Texas Republican needs to consider donating to Coryn’s campaign and make sure you vote.

“Hope they spend every last penny they get from their out of state puppet masters,” Cornyn tweeted