Watch: Steve Deace Break Down What is ‘Spirit of the Age Progressivism?’

PHOTO: Twitter

Article by Bryan Howard

March 2, 2019

Conservative podcast star from the Blaze Steve Deace held an interesting segment on the religion of Progressivism. Deace starts the segment by showing a picture of a man holding a sign saying Beto is our Christ.

Here is the picture of the man posted on Twitter.


Deace explains these people view us as the enemy not an opponent. He continued to explain that an opponent only wants to defeat you, but an enemy wants to end you. This is the rational thinking when a political side has deemed themselves a religion.

For my personal note, I find this sign highly offensive to claim any man as your Christ. There is only one Christ in the history of this earth and he died on the Cross for our sins. To view any man as your Christ is a disgusting thought and shows the corruption in the thought process of members on the left.