Trump Predicts He Will Win 2020 And Republicans Will Win House And Senate!

Article by Bryan Howard

April 8, 2019

President Trump is having his Babe Ruth moment of calling his shot. For those of you who are not baseball fanatics Babe Ruth has a highly debated moment in history over him calling a homerun with pointing his bat towards the homerun fence before his at bat.

President Trump held a speech for the Republican Jewish Coalition over the weekend where he electrified the crowd. During the speech President Trump called his shot that he will win 2020 and the Republicans will win back the House while keeping the Senate.

Trump stated, “Republicans are going to win the White House, we are going to retake the House, we are going keep the Senate and we are once again going to be in a position in my opinion like never ever before, stronger than we’ve ever been before. There is more spirit for the Republican Party right now than I’ve ever seen. They keep talking about the spirit of the Democrat party. There’s more spirit for Republicans in my opinion, by far, we may express somewhat differently and that’s okay, more spirit than I have ever seen and I’ve now been doing this for a little while. Not too long. I’m one for one. One for one. I want to be 2 for 2 and then relax.“

President trump may be feeling highly confident at this moment due to the Russian hoax failing and the Democrat challengers releasing dirt on each other. Either way it is looking as if President Trump is primed to win his re-election in 2020.